Secrets of the Sectors: Business

Secrets of the Sectors: Business

The Business sector can be broadly split into two areas: business management and consultancy. However, the field has such a large range of work that graduates can choose to apply for many job roles. Nonetheless, this area is very competitive, meaning graduates are competing with many other talented individuals for their desired role. This means that spending time to build your experience before applying for your dream job will likely benefit you.

Business Management

Business managers tend to work in general management. Additionally, they can also specify in a particular area of a company, for example marketing or human resources. Roles within this area can vary from people management to project management. However, most jobs business management roles will require an individual to be skilled in both areas. Graduates can find work in a huge range of companies in all sectors.


Consultants offer advice to businesses to help them resolve issues and improve performance. Consultants can work in either a large company or a consultancy firm. EY, PwC, IBM, and Accenture, are just a few of the various companies that offer a lot of graduate consultancy roles.

Points to Consider

Individuals wishing to work in the business sector can expect tough targets and deadlines. jobs in this field often involve long hours and high pressure, as well as travelling. Those up for the challenge, however, can look forward to high and quickly rising salaries, as well as bonuses. Jobs in the sector are available all around the UK, and can eventually lead to self-employment or freelance work.

The future is uncertain for the business sector, partly due to Brexit. Additionally, the rapid advancement of technology means that business are constantly in a battle with each other to be the most up-to-date.

As aforementioned, the industry is very competitive for graduates. According to the Chartered Management Institute’s 21st Century Leaders 2018 report, 66% of employers want graduates to hold professional qualifications in addition to a degree.

Where should I study?

If you’re thinking about studying a Business degree at university, take a look at this list of universities that offer great courses:

  • Durham University Business School
  • Lancaster University Management School
  • Loughborough University School of Business and Economics
  • University College London School of Management
  • University of Oxford Saïd Business School

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