Writing the Perfect Notice of Resignation

Writing the Perfect Notice of Resignation

So you’ve gone and got yourself a fancy new job, great! Congratulations! Now there’s the tricky task of writing a resignation letter. It can be a tough thing to write, especially if you want to leave the job on good terms with your manager. Here are a few of the best things to do in order to write the perfect resignation notice.

  • Write the date – Write the date in the corner of the page. This will be important when working out when your notice period is finished.
  • Address the letter to your line manager – Not your supervisor or the person you get on best with (although this would make life a lot easier!)
  • Get straight to the point – Don’t write too much faff, get straight to it. Begin with a statement such as ‘It is with regret that I officially give my resignation…’
  • State your notice period (as described in your contract), and confirm the date of your last day at the job.
  • Mention a reason for your leaving – In an appropriate manner, address your reason for leaving the job, i.e. moving cities, new job.
  • Thank your manager and team – Remember to say thank you to the company for the experience they have given you.
  • Sign your signature.

Good luck with your new job from all of us here at Kiwi!

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