5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed On Your Desk

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed On Your Desk

For the perfectionists amongst you, your work desks are probably home to no more than pot of pens and pencils, a coaster and a notebook. Well, Kiwi Recruitment are here to tell you that you need more than that to succeed at your job, my friend. Here’s a list of 5 things we compiled, guaranteed to get you a promotion quicker than you can say ‘Is it home time yet?’


If you want to be considered for that promotion instead of that grumpy-faced Shelly from accounts, mints are the trick you need. Stay fresh after your morning cuppa with a little tray of mints on your desk. Your colleagues will love you when you’re able to hand them a tasty treat and refresh their smile at the same time.

Room Diffuser

Gone are the days when the office smells like a mix of aromas from everyone’s lunch boxes and bodly odors. You’ll be appreciated for making the room smell beautiful, with your choice in a scented room diffuser. Not only will it look pretty on your desk, it will make your co-workers associate you with an appealing smell instead of that embarrassing thing you did at the Christmas Party that time.

Playing Cards

Bored on your lunch break? Sad colleague in need of seeing a magic trick? Want something to fly across the room to get someone’s attention? Playing cards are the answer to your boredom prayers. Grab a small pack of cards and you’re good to go and get your name as the fun one in the office.

Etch A Sketch

Whether you’re off for your lunch an hour early and need to leave a note, or the new person needs directions to the office toilets, an Etch A Sketch will always come in handy!

Personalised Mouse Mat

Personalise a mouse mat with your initials, a family picture, or a funny meme, and your bound to make your working day happier. When you’ve had enough of Excel and your eyes are beginning to sting, simply look down at your personal creation and smile at how much of a genius you are for having such a better mouse mat than anyone else.

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