A Piglet Pencil Case and A Bubble Backpack

A Piglet Pencil Case and A Bubble Backpack

Is there anyone who didn’t approach going back to school as a chance to reinvent themselves? For me, going back to school was never just the start of a new term, it was the chance to become a whole new person. No longer would I be the quiet one at the back of the class with messy hair and bad hand writing; i’d be the one at the top of the class who everyone loves and wants to be friends with. Going back to school was 10 year-old-me’s chance to be metaphorically re-born. Armed with a new pencil case shaped like a piglet, and a backpack designed to look like a giant bubble, I was sure i’d be the cool kid (it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I was indeed never the cool kid).

Back to the Routine

A new term at school means getting out the backpacks that have been stored in the corner of a cupboard somewhere gathering dust. It probably also means convincing your parents to buy new stationary, but most importantly it means getting to see your friends every day. As an adult, it’s easy to go weeks, months, or even years without seeing your best friends. Time flies by and people are busy with work and children and with being an adult in general (It’s a lot of work). In your school days, you got to see your best buds every day. I remember parting ways with a friend for a mere hour-long science lesson, and still, it’d be tough.

Fast forward a fair few years and most of us haven’t seen our best friend in ages, we can’t remember the last time we stepped foot in a stationary store, and our backpacks get used daily for work. For most people, work is constant, full-on, and without the benefit of having long holiday breaks.

Be Happy in Your Present

If we can ever expect to have the thrill of turning up to work in the same way that we had the thrill of going back to school, we should probably get a job we love. Kiwi Recruitment are here to find you just that; a job that doesn’t make you cry with nostalgia whenever ‘back to school time’ comes around. Kiwi Recruitment will find you a job that makes you love living in the present.

For those of you who are going back to school or college, but want part-time work, hey! Kiwi are here to help you, too. We always have a lot of part-time and full-time positions going.

To find a job perfect for you, get in touch with the team at Kiwi by sending your CV to [email protected]. Alternatively, fill out a registration form here

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