Are Hotel Rooms Actually Accessible?

Are Hotel Rooms Actually Accessible?

The accessibility of hotel rooms is being scrutinised as campaigner Euan MacDonald suggests the hospitality industry needs to provide more help for people like him.

MacDonald, who has motor neurone disease, spoke to BBC stating he wants hotels to provide essential equipment in their accessible rooms. The advocate is concerned that not enough hotels can suitably provide for those with accessibility requirements. It is suggested that regulations for ‘a certain amount of floor space and an assistance alarm’ are not enough.

For a hotel to be ‘fully accessible’, wet room facilities and bedrooms with a hoist must be put in place. Admirably, MacDonald claims ‘Society now faces a question about which way we want to go. Building to minimum standards and doing just enough to comply with the law isn’t enough anymore. The bar needs to be raised’.

Clearly, how well businesses within the hospitality are providing for disabled users must be questioned and improved upon where possible. What do you think on this issue? Should the regulations be changed? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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