One Excellent Tip for your Cover Letter!

One Excellent Tip for your Cover Letter!

Cover letters can often lead applicants stumped. We know that this step in the job searching process can be a long one.  Writing a cover letter from scratch and showing off your skills doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Time and time again, we read cover letters and find one thing that people don’t do: relate their skills back to the job at hand.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of just talking about your experience. Instead of talking about that time you volunteered, talk about something that relates to the job.

One tip we suggest is having the job specification printed out in front of you. This means that you can glance back and ensure your cover letter is incorporating each point.

Go through what is required for the job and try and find how your experiences connect with the position. Even better, if you can recall an example that demonstrates a point in the job spec then this is a great way to show you are capable for the role.

Once your cover letter is written and ready to be sent over to your recruiter or the company, then remember to send your cover letter in a PDF format rather than a doc. This means no matter if they use Mac or PC, they can receive the document plus it looks cleaner on the screen.

If you need help finding that new job and creating the perfect cover letter, get in touch with a member of the team at Kiwi Recruitment Agency in Sussex and we can give you tips on how to create the perfect cover letter and win your dream job placement.

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