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The Chichester & Gazette Business Awards have just launched and the main event will be on 22nd April.

There was a launch evening which included a talk from Chichester Uni regarding their upcoming changes and the impact it will have on all the local businesses around the Chichester Area.

The Observer and Gazette Business Awards are sponsored by The Chichester Chamber Of Commerce & Industry as well as the University of Chichester. These awards are a way to support and showcase the success and excellence of local businesses. They have made the event to be suitable for any type of business which will encourage every business to consider participating. We are definitely getting involved and even if we don’t win – it is a great night out and a chance to make friends with every in the local area.

This year, Kiwi Recruitment will be applying for the following awards:

  • Start-up Business
  • Employer of the Year
  • Customer Service

We are delighted to be applying for these awards and we look forward to the results. Hopefully we shall see some of you there on Awards night! And maybe we’ll have a trophy or two to add to the office.

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