Introduction of IOS Affects Businesses

Introduction of IOS Affects Businesses

On this day (January 9th) in 2007, the first iPhone was introduced. There is no denying that iPhones are extremely popular. It is reported that an estimated 400 iPhones are sold a minute. With this massive boom in sales of IOS devices, what is the affect on businesses?

The market value of mobile application testing is expected to reach $7 billion by 2026. However, it is not just the mobile application industry that is affected by the popularity of iPhones. The PC, Gaming, Telecom, Movie and TV, and Health industries are said to be the most affected by the development of IOS devices.

Mark Lorion, President and GM of Apperian (an Arxan Company), is quoted as saying:

The iPhone inspired a new wave of workplace connectivity and productivity. While iPhones and other mobile devices have led to the increased implementation of BYOD programs in the workplace, they’re also developing mobile applications for workers throughout the organization and extended enterprise. These apps are leading organizations to new revenue or service delivery opportunities by allowing businesses to enable a broader range of workers, including BYOD users, contracted workers, dealers and others. This would not be possible if it weren’t for mobile devices such as the iPhone becoming so engrained in consumers’ everyday lives and raising the expectations that workers have for enterprise tools.

This quote from Lorion highlights the ability of these IOS devices to speed up productivity. Therefore, businesses need to stay up to date in order to ensure maximum income is reached. This means ensuring apps are not lagging and new software is installed.

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