It's Christaaassssssss!

It’s Christaaassssssss!

A dog and cat behaving themselves for a photo whilst in Christmas outfits is something we thought you’d need to see!

 If you didn’t read the title of this article in your head as Noddy Holder shouting it at the start of the Slade song ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’, then you really need to get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas time is truly upon us. No more grumpy ‘It’s too soon!’ rants when the shops start selling tinsel and Christmas cards; its now a legitimate time to start getting into the holiday spirit.

What unusual Christmas traditions do you and your family partake in? Let us know!

Some of the Kiwi Team’s favourite traditions are going for long country walks, watching the inevitably miserable and dramatic Eastenders episode (Seriously, what is it about human nature that we love watching such drama play out on what should be a happy day? – Not going to stop watching it, though). And stuffing our faces over a 2-week period then complaining we’ve eaten too much at the start of January. We’d love to know how many mince pies the UK gets through at Christmas.

Right, we’ve got to go back to watching Elf whilst wrapping up presents and singing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Let us know what you’re up to this holiday period. Maybe you’re jetting off for a unique Christmas abroad after a tough period stuck in lockdown or chilling out at your family home for a traditional day. Either way, we want to hear!

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