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This is a blog post very close to our hearts here at Kiwi, as you can see, our name and logo is reference to the Kiwi bird native to New Zealand. Our MD is from New Zealand and I have been fortunate enough to live there too and experience this wonderful country and the people that live there. Below are some shots of this beautiful country that I managed to get of North Island.



The Kiwi is a natural fit with New Zealanders’ national psyche as they relate to their quirkiness, evolved over millions of years of isolation from mammals.

While I was in New Zealand, I had hoped to see the Kiwi bird that is known to be New Zealand’s icon, the sad fact that I didn’t see one became evident there was obviously a problem surrounding these animals, and that is what this blog is about, the sad reality that the Kiwi bird’s have become endangered!


Kiwis for Kiwi are dedicated to the conservation of these birds and are working in all industries to come together and help get these wonderful birds off the endangered list. There are 5 kiwi sanctuaries in New Zealand, managed since 2000 by the Department Of Conservation. These sanctuaries are needed as the Kiwi bird’s habitat is shrinking! The overall rate of decline for unmanaged kiwi populations is estimated to be 3% per year for brown kiwi, and 2% for great spotted kiwi and tokoeka.

Fortunately, we are living in a world now where technology is at our disposal and advancements in this area is a good thing when it comes to conservation. Researchers are looking into cost effective ways to control predatory threats to the Kiwi, as without this the Kiwi is set to disappear in as little as 75 years, just an average human lifetime.

These sanctuaries provide a safe haven for kiwi’s. Within their boundaries, more young kiwi survive each year, allowing the populations to increase. Rowi and Haast tokoeka populations in the South Island sanctuaries are expected to double by at least 2020, possibly 2018.

The sanctuaries are linked below for more information:

Whangarei Kiwi Sanctuary

Moehau Kiwi Sanctuary

Tongariro Kiwi Sanctuary

Ōkārito Kiwi Sanctuary

Haast Kiwi Sanctuary

There are 5 species of kiwi bird, these are:

  • little spotted kiwi (Apteryx owenii) on several offshore islands and two mainland sanctuaries
  • great spotted kiwi/roroa (A. haastii) in the northwestern South Island and around Arthur’s Pass
  • brown kiwi (A. mantelli) in the North Island
  • rowi (A. rowi) at Okarito, on the West Coast of the South Island
  • tokoeka (A. australis) in the South Island (Fiordland, the Haast Range and Rakiura (Stewart Island)

Sadly the Kiwi bird is in fear of following the same path as the great Dodo,Black Rhinoceros, Tasmanian Tiger, Woolly Mammoth and the 200 other species that become extinct every day! We want to change this for New Zealand’s Icon, the Kiwi, before it’s too late.

If you wish to donate to this cause, please visit Kiwi’s for kiwi 

If you are unable to donate, all is not lost! you can still help this great cause by signing up to Old Mout Cider who will donate 20p per sign up ( so far they’ve had 7391 sign up’s) but still need more people to get aboard. Old mout cider are a New Zealand Cider, born in 1947 and are also on the mission to help the little fella’s out, lets come together and save these little guys.



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