An Interview With a Software Sales Director

An Interview With a Software Sales Director

Fancy yourself that Jordan Belfort-type suit-wearing big spender? See yourself in a big office block sipping a celebratory whisky after smashing those targets? Software sales might be the job for you. We sat down with former Software Sales Director Kevin Baldwin. Here’s what he had to say about the thrilling target-driven role.

What is your job role?

Software Sales Director

What is your favourite aspect of your job role?

Achieving Sales Target, working with customers all across Europe and experiencing different cultures, motivating a large sales team.

What is your least favourite aspect of your job role?

Very Long Hours and constant pressure to achieve sales targets.

How many hours does your job require you to work a week?

This varies from 10 hours a day to as many as required.

What is the social aspect of your job like?

Good social environment with lots of recognition events and team meetings.

How challenging was the application process for your role?

Sales is difficult to get into in IBM. Only a few are invited to apply and then there is an extensive 12 month training┬áperiod that you can be asked to leave at anytime if you’re performance isn’t satisfactory.

Did you have any relevant experience/higher education before applying for your role?

Before I sold software I developed it. This meant I had a good understanding of installation and use of software which I could share with customers. This was an advantage when selling to them.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to pursue the same/a similar job role?

You must be very driven to achieve targets, prepared to work very long hours and be able to withstand constant pressure and reviews from senior management.

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