Why Moving from Temporary to Permanent is a Good Idea

Why Moving from Temporary to Permanent is a Good Idea

As an employer, deciding to recruit temporary employees has a lot of benefits, but we’re here to tell you why you should start thinking about turning your temporary workers into permanent members of staff.

Hiring temps is a great way to find out if a staff member is a good fit for your business. As well as being beneficial for the employee to learn valuable skills and network in a new company. However, there are many pros that come with turning temporary into permanent and our recruitment consultants can help your company with this transition.

One main reason you should offer a temp staff a permanent position is because they are already familiar with your business. You’ve seen them in action, so you know what they’re like and how well they contribute to their job role. If you believe they are a good fit and are happy with their work, offering a permanent place usually ensures job stability for your staff member.  That means that they will buy into the company ethos and become better experts at their jobs.

Kiwi Recruitment’s MD Brendon Cook has helped many businesses recruit temporary roles and aided the transition from temporary to permanent. He says, “Temporary positions are advantageous for both parties, as not only can temporary staff help your business with workload fluctuations, but you can also see if they are the right fit for your company—and vice versa.”

“There are a lot of benefits for a candidate to put themselves forward for temporary work, as they could be at a company they wouldn’t have expected to work for and they can earn valuable experience. Once you’ve decided to offer a temp a permanent contract, their training is already well underway and this reduces time that would have been spent on hiring a new permanent employee.”

Our Chichester-based recruitment consultants regularly help companies who are ready to go the next step with their temporary employees. If you are looking for help on hiring or applying for temporary roles, give us a call today: 01243 782763.

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