Around the World in 100 Jobs

Around the World in 100 Jobs

We’ve all been there: coming home after a tough day at work, eating a dinner you’ve prepared one too many times, and then going to sleep, only to do it all again the next day. Now, imagine this: You stumble off a bus onto the rocky terrain of Rome’s outskirts. The warmth glides through your hair and brushes over your face as you stride your way through the beautiful buildings. You smell the herbs and spices of a traditional meal being cooked in one of the houses that you pass. Soon, you arrive at your hostel: your home for the next few months. You are greeted by ‘hellos’ in five different languages. Filipia, Gamze, Eloise, Jose and Friedrich are gathered around the island in the kitchen, preparing food. The aromas of Portugal, Turkey, France, Spain and Germany blend together in a single saucepan. The individual scents of the countries throw your mind back to the times you were in those realms. Fond memories, but this is your time in Italy, and you cherish it. Tomorrow holds another day of teaching English to local children, and the day after that… You don’t know what that day holds yet; adventure waits.

Which reality do you choose: the day-to-day norms in your town or exciting escapades globe trotting? The answer seems obvious. Whether it is teaching local children your language in Italy, lifeguarding at the beach in Greece, or photographing weddings in Cuba, sensational memories are waiting to be made by travelling the world in 100 jobs.

Increasing Popularity

Travelling is becoming more and more popular. It isn’t just the fresh college graduates wanting to explore some freedom pre studying for their undergraduate degree, travelling is popular with all ages. Unfortunately, ask anyone who’s travelled to tell you the biggest issue with their experience and they will all likely tell you the same thing: money, or rather, a lack of it. Plane tickets aren’t cheap, and although hostels and local food can be reasonable, you’ll need money if you want to try out various activities whilst abroad. So what can you do, then, if you want that break to explore the cultures of the world but have no money saved up? Well, you could get your head down and work constantly and avoid spending any money for the next year, or you could work as you go. This is the millennials’ approach to travelling: working holidays.

Working Holidays

Easy enough to arrange, working holidays could be the answer to your travelling prayers. You don’t have to have a particular skill, as most work places that hire the culture curious wanderers amongst you will offer training too. With most employers also offering accommodation and a decent pay, you can do as you please with your money. Go and see the local sites, eat out with the friends you will inevitably make in your new home, or simply save for the next adventure! The list of benefits goes on. Most employers will hire fellow travelers from all over the world, meaning you’ll likely make new friends from the likes of New Zealand, India, Canada, and more. Your lunchtime chat is bound to be exciting when you’ll be sharing stories about growing up in different places all around the world.

Au Pair? Summer Camp? Teaching? Oh My!

So, what sort of jobs are out there for the travel hungry reader, and where can you find them? Au pair work is popular amongst travelers, as living with host families is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, and even perhaps learn a new language. There are many au pair websites out there, with lots of host families advertising for a foreign au pair. In return for staying in their lovely home, they’ll likely want you to look after their children and teach them your language.

There are also a lot of opportunities to work at various summer camps throughout the USA and Canada. Camps are a place for children to learn various activities that you could be paid to teach, from waterskiing to horseback riding, and so many more. You can contact summer camps directly through their website, or go through a camp America/Canada agency. Once you’ve gained some money from your au pair work and working at summer camps, why not move on to Asia? Try working at an elephant orphanage in Thailand, teaching English at a school in Japan, or help build bungalows in Cambodia. Imagine the memories you’ll be able to share with your friends when you return home. You’ll have remarkable stories of feeding elephants out of your bare hands one summer in Thailand, or photographing wild zebras in South Africa.

Taking Breaks

Don’t feel like working the whole time that you’re travelling? You don’t have to. Take a few weeks or months out to spend your hard earned money. The beauty about many working holiday jobs is that once the employer knows and likes you, they’ll likely hold the door open for you should you ever be in need of more money and want to return.

Working holidays can be seasonal, too. If, like many people, you prefer feeling the brush of powdery snow graze against your ankles instead of sand, consider working a ski season. Ski seasons are one of the most versatile ways of earning money as you travel. There are resorts all over the world that offer jobs to those who have come to travel. France, Canada, and Italy: there are so many to choose from. Don’t know how to ski? Doesn’t matter; you could choose to work in hospitality, entertainment, or even childcare, whilst still having the Alps on your doorstep.

If you don’t feel like going back to work on Monday, envision yourself travelling the world, one job at a time, and see where your mind takes you. After all, you’ll never know the new life-long friends you could make, incredible scenery you could see, and life-changing memories to be made until you try. Home will always be just a postcard away.

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