National Work-Life Week at Kiwi Recruitment

National Work-Life Week at Kiwi Recruitment

The national work-life week is an annual event that encourages companies and employees to discuss workplace well-being. Well-being in the workplace encompasses all aspects of working life, from how employees feel about their jobs, their working environment, the workplace climate, and work structure.

The well-being of employees is a significant factor in determining a company’s long-term success. Several studies have discovered a link between employee productivity and overall health and well-being.

With mental health becoming a more widely discussed topic, it is critical to recognise the positive things we do in the workplace to ensure workers well-being. On the other side, we must be honest about our difficulties.

This week’s article will go through some of the things we do at Kiwi Recruitment to ensure the well-being of our employees.

Things we do to support well-being

We like to host events for our employees to show them how much we appreciate their efforts. This not only increases team morale and camaraderie but also provides additional motivation for employees to be more productive at work. We’ve had Christmas parties, team-building days, and even attended Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood, two of the most renowned horse racing events of the year.

Most recently we visited the London Bierfest which brings the spirit of Oktoberfest to the very heart of the country. This was an opportunity for our managing director, Brendon, to express gratitude after a busy summer season for the company.

Gin Fridays are yet another opportunity for Kiwi to express its appreciation to its staff. We all start unwinding after a long week by enjoying a gin cocktail every Friday at lunchtime. For the past five years, this has been a weekly event that allows everyone to get together and discuss whatever they want.

We also offer dress-down Fridays. This permits employees to dress more casually when they come to work. This isn’t required but offering staff the option allows them to choose whichever makes them feel most at ease.

We recently created a little box of thoughts, in which members of our team can anonymously drop a slip expressing whatever they want regarding their work environment and well-being. This might be a personal issue that they think is interfering with their employment, or it could be something they believe we should incorporate as a business. It’s just another way for them to express themselves without having to inform everyone. We think that simple actions like these have a great impact on the well-being of Kiwi employees.


Sometimes all it takes is a simple question to get someone to open up. How are you? Is everything okay today? How was your day yesterday? We never tell someone about how we are feeling when we are sad, stressed, or anxious. As human beings, we don’t like to talk about our feelings, especially not in a workplace environment, you feel as if you’d be an unwanted problem to a colleague if you opened up to them. This needs to change. It emphasises the importance of starting a conversation with someone. Until you enquire, you’ll never know how they’re doing.

We are fortunate at Kiwi Recruitment to be surrounded by coworkers who can get along and have a good old chat with one another. To ensure a joyful, but hard-working environment, you must be capable of forming bonds with your coworkers.

One of our senior staff members will come around at the start of the week and have a brief conversation with each of us to see how our weekends were and if we had any difficulties we wanted to discuss in a private one-on-one environment. It’s a thoughtful gesture that exemplifies the values and respect we have for one another at Kiwi.

Work-life balance

As individuals, we will all have different thoughts on what constitutes a good work-life balance. It is not necessary to split them evenly, but it is vital to be satisfied in both aspects of your life.

We all have families here at Kiwi, and we understand that they must sometimes come before work. This does not lessen their commitment; it simply makes them human. The more aware and adaptable we can be to their needs, the happier they will be at work.

When it comes to applying for a job, well-being in the workplace is becoming ever more significant. Candidates will not want to work with the organisation if there are no measures put in place to ensure their well-being. It is critical in the current day not to fall behind on this. Kiwi Recruitment will continue to prioritise employee well-being and is constantly considering new ways to increase awareness about this issue.

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