How to optimise your CV for Job Boards

How to optimise your CV for Job Boards

One of the best ways to start your Job Search is to submit your CV to different Job Boards, that’s how employers and recruiters can find you! Job Sites host thousands of jobs on behalf of employers and agencies, so it is a great resource when looking for something new.

You need to make sure your CV is tailored to the job you want to have. Here at Kiwi Recruitment Agency in Chichester, we have the expertise to help you optimise your CV!

First things first…

When writing your CV, make sure the job title that you’re looking for is mentioned at least 5 times. This way, when a search is being carried out, your CV will be in the results and it may mean that someone will get in touch with you with regards to a job.

Make your skills clear

Many times, a recruiter will be searching for specific keywords in relation to the job they are recruiting for. This gives you the opportunity to list those keywords on your CV, depending on your experience and personal skills. A lot of the times your terminology may not be the same as a recruiter’s which is one of the main reasons why your CV may not be appearing in the results.

If the role you’re looking for is one that’s not related to your previous jobs make sure that you research the role and the skills needed to get the job. If you can show any of those skills within your CV, do so! It will show that you’re eager to use your skills to break into a new role/industry.

Must be Easy to Read for Recruiters & Employers

As everything is digital, your CV needs to be easy to read. Many recruiters etc will be reading CV after CV, so make sure your CV is concise and formatted cleanly. Simple fonts and bullet points are a good place to start and saving it in a universal format means there is no barrier to someone seeing your CV. So you’ll be one step closer.

Good luck!

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