Skill Shortages in the UK

Skill Shortages in the UK

Hiring is a difficult business, let alone hiring in industries that have skill shortages. A total of 1/3 of UK Employers struggle to find the talent they need according to a survey conducted by ManpowerGroup. The hardest industries to fill are those which involve skilled workers i.e electricians, mechanics and welders, followed closely by health care professionals such as doctors and nurses. In third place comes the finance and accountancy sector, which is especially sought after in London.

The graph below indicates regions in the UK with the most job opportunities to fill, with London and the North West having the most.

Graph showing skilled employment opportunities in different regions

The solution to this problem could partially lay in changes to the recruiting process. Employers need to take into more consideration what workers want in order to attract talent and fill industry demands. UK director of ManpowerGroup Chris Gray said:

“With growing talent shortages across the UK, it’s no longer a question of simply finding talent; we need to build it. Organisations need to be agile, and willing to stretch their candidate offering, increasing salaries isn’t enough of a differentiator anymore.” – Personnel Today

The factors that candidates priotise when seeking employment are changing. The option to work from home remotely is more highly sought after between 30-35 year olds, as well as having more flexibility in the workplace. Young professionals are more invested in balancing a work life commitment; being able to hold down a career whilst managing a family, childcare and other personal commitments. Therefore, businesses must adapt and be more fluid to the needs of their potential employees in order to access and magnetize the most talented pool of candidates.

The easier alternative is for employers to go through a recruitment agency. Due to the fact a company only goes by a CV, it can be hard for them to judge whether a candidate would be a good fit or not. Companies often have to take a leap of faith in a candidate for a job role, only to be recruiting for the same role a month later.

That’s where we come in…

At Kiwi Recruitment, we get to know our candidates on a personal level and therefore also understand their wants and needs, as well as gain an in depth knowledge of their skill set. This enables us to be able to provide the best matches for your business, even in industries with wide-spread talent shortages.

If you are a company struggling for staff, call us today at on 01243 782763 to receive expert consultation.

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