Temporary Positions

temp imageWhen searching for a new job in Chichester, we often find clients can go for weeks seeking the ideal full-time role, without an income and without considering a temporary position to bridge the gap.

At Kiwi Recruitment, we are experienced with helping candidates to find the right job. Chichester has plenty of temporary roles available, that offer almost immediate starts too, so it’s worth considering taking a temporary position to further your experience, knowledge and earnings.

We have worked with many job seekers locally and have been successful finding them perfect temporary roles and often with employers they hadn’t expected they could have gained such valuable experience with! We can help you to prepare for interview, help you create a top-notch CV and manage interviews at convenient times to ensure a stress-free process.

From chefs, to cleaners, receptionists and factory staff, the team at Kiwi Recruitment manage a portfolio of temporary vacancies on behalf of Chichester businesses, with opportunities to suit everyone.

If you have been searching for a full-time position and are getting nowhere fast, then it’s time to call the team Kiwi Recruitment. We have immediate temporary positions available which will help ensure you keep on earning, and whilst you are, we will make sure we keep looking for your ideal full-time role. It’s our job to ensure your job satisfaction.

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