The Benefits of Working Summer Events

The Benefits of Working Summer Events

It is a busy time over at Kiwi Recruitment. As lockdown restrictions ease more and more, we’ve been here to help businesses gear themselves up with talented, dedicated staff ready for reopening.

Now that we are into the next stage of lockdown easing we are looking forward to the further next stage that will hopefully come into effect on 21st June, which will see summer events finally return after being forced into hiatus last year.

While some events have chosen to postpone for another year until 2022, there are still a lot of events that are planning to ahead this summer. With just a month to go until the next stage of restrictions ease, event organisers are now in the midst of hiring event staff to ensure everything runs as smoothly and as safely as possible.

Working at summer events can be an exciting and rewarding job, and some even come with more perks than you might realise. If you have been debating taking a job at some summer events this season, here is a list of reasons that might convince you:

Earn some extra cash

Working summer events is a great way to earn yourself some extra money. The jobs on offer at these events are usually on temporary contracts for each event, which gives you some flexibility to choose jobs and events that work around any other jobs or commitments you may have.

Whether you want some extra money alongside your permanent job, to have some extra income while you are on furlough, need a cash boost while job hunting, or just want some extra cash to save for something special; Working at summer events this year is a great, flexible way to achieve this.

Free entry into the events

Have you always wanted to go to the most popular summer events in your area? But the tickets are either too expensive or are always sold out? You could still get yourself into the event by coming in as staff.

Of course, you will be working, but depending on the length of the event some organisers offer staff free entry as a guest on your days off! So you won’t miss out on the full experience. Even if the event is just for one day, you still may be able to attend parts of the event you are most excited about before or after your shift or during your breaks.

Money off food and refreshments

It is common for employers to provide their event staff with free refreshments throughout their shift to keep them hydrated through what can be hot and sunny days. If you are working in catering for an event, it is likely you will also get food provided for you when you’re on shift.

Other employers may provide food and drink vouchers for you to use at vendors also working the event or offer a staff discount on purchases. Either way, you’ll be saving money, making what you earn from working the event go further.


If you are working an event that spans over multiple days and includes camping, it’s possible that staff camping will be provided to you as part of the contract, saving you time and money travelling to and from the event each day, plus you get an awesome camping experience!

Staff can expect their own dedicated camping area away from general festival attendees, which generally has more security. Depending on the event and the size of the team, staff may also have their own amenities such as toilets and showers within their own camping space.

Boost your CV

If you are looking to get into the events industry, then naturally working at summer events will give you tons of relevant experience. However, working summer events can be a great CV boost for everyone.

All the skills and attributes employers look for in their candidates; hard-working, team players, responsible, organised etc., will be easily demonstrated by having summer event work on your CV. As well as this, some jobs at summer events may also give you the opportunity to receive some training or teach you some specialist skills.

All of this will increase your employability no matter the industry you work in or want to get into in the future, especially if you’re new to the working world and don’t have a lot of experience.

Meet new people

The lockdowns and restrictions that we have had over the past year have made all of us feel isolated and more alone than usual. Working the summer events season will give you a great opportunity to get out and meet new people.

You’ll come into contact with a wide variety of people, from other staff to the attendees, making for a fun, interesting and sociable working day. No matter what your interests are, you’re bound to find someone who shares some of them that you can enjoy the time with.

Lasting friendships can be made between staff members working a summer event together due to the intense nature the job can have at times. Working summer events requires a huge amount of teamwork to ensure everything runs as it should. That feeling of helping one another finish a grueling task or achieve something that seemed impossible creates a bond that can last beyond the event.

If this sounds like an experience you would enjoy, and would like to give working summer events a go this year, then get in touch with Kiwi Recruitment today. We are looking for a variety of staff members to cover events of sizes across the South East, including big names such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed!

From catering staff, hospitality staff, cleaners, marshals, stewards, and hosts… We are bound to find a role and event that will suit you!

Head over to the Kiwi Recruitment website to register your interest. Alternatively, you can call 01243 782763 or come and pop into our office!

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