Wrong Career? Here is what you can do to change

Wrong Career? Here is what you can do to change

Are you finding yourself in the wrong career? Maybe it is time for a change. Here at Kiwi Recruitment agency in Chichester we believe you should always be in a job that you love! We are here to give you our top tips in changing careers successfully.

Changing career paths is a very scary thing to everyone, especially when you don’t know what you want to do. The best thing to start with is figuring out what you love doing, but it is also the hardest. Have a look at what you dislike from your current job/industry and work out what you would like to be different.

Do your research

Every industry is very different, and if you have realised that you are in the wrong one, you will need to research which of your skills are transferable. Having transferable skills and experience that can be used in any field is something very valuable, however not everyone can have that if you’re working in a specialized sector. Once you have figured out what your transferable skills are move onto researching the career that you want to have, and what you need to start out in it.

Network, network, network

If your chosen career doesn’t use any of your skills you may need to get into it a different way, and that is by connecting with people from that industry. Having connections is the best way to get into a new industry, where managers can see what you are like without interviewing you. If you share a passion for that new industry, you will definitely be able to get along with many people, therefore showing your knowledge on that market.

Don’t give up

Changing careers is something that takes time, so don’t think that it won’t happen if it takes longer than you expected. When searching you need to make it clear on your CV that you’re looking to change careers, especially if you have signed up to Job searching websites. Your LinkedIn is also one of the best places to start in as you can connect with people from your chosen industry and you never know, one of them may get in touch with you!

Those are our top 3 tips when you find yourself in the wrong career and want to change. There are very many articles out there so make sure you have a look at everything!

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