A Warm Welcome to the UK's 10th Smallest City

A Warm Welcome to the UK’s 10th Smallest City

So you’ve got yourself a place at Chichester University, congrats! Oh boy, am I jealous of all you new freshers out there. As a graduate of the uni myself, I can tell you you’re about to have an incredible three years (or more). So a massive well done and good luck on your new journey from all of us here at Kiwi.

If you saw Chichester before you got accepted to the university, you’re probably aware of its tiny size. If not, well, how do I put this? Chichester is the 10th smallest city in the U.K, and your new campus used to be a college campus. So yes, it’s pretty small.

The odds are that your lecturer will get to know you personally, and will know your individual projects like the back of their hand. One of my favourite things about going to Chichester University was that I could go to any of my lecturers (sometimes without even needing to book an appointment) and they’d know who I was and what I was working on. Compare this to larger universities, where you have to wait weeks to get an appointment to see a lecturer. Even then, they might not remember you from of one of their many large classes. Well done for picking a great Uni, my friend.

Okay, so now, we should probably address the title of this article: The UK’s 10th Smallest City. How on earth do you have as much fun as your mates up at The University of Edinburgh in town as small as Chichester? Yeah, we get it Jessica, your university’s freshers week was great. No, we aren’t jealous (Maybe a little). Chichester offers a small range of daytime entertainment and night-life for the youngsters amongst us, but a range nonetheless.

Thursday nights are student nights here in Chichester, and the Vestry is the place to be. On Thursdays, the Vestry is open until 02.30, and drinks cost £1.99 (+ 1p to charity). Now, that might not seem as good as Jess from Edinburgh’s student union, but it’s up there. The great thing about Chichester being so small is that you know for sure you will see people you know out. So head to the Vestry and you’re bound to bump into that cutie from your lecture that you’ve been dying to talk to, or make friends with people on the same course as you.

If you’re at Stockbridge Halls of Residence, you’ll probably already know this – I guess just glance over this next paragraph or go back to binge watching Netflix for a bit. Situated close to the station and Stockbridge Halls, is Chichester Gate Leisure Park. The Park comprises of a cinema, gym, bowling alley, trampoline park, restaurants and more. This is probably the biggest hub of things to do in the centre of Chichester, but there’s always other fun events going on in the surrounding areas to attend (Which you can find here).

As you may have gathered, the city is pretty small. Lucky for us Chichester folk, Brighton is right around the corner. Brighton is a must-see city just about a 50 minute train journey from Chichester station and is home to as many vintage shops, vegan restaurants and independent cafes as the hipster within you could desire. Not only this, but Brighton boasts a nick-name of ‘London-On-Sea’, and features a beautiful seafront with a pier full of fun games and rides. Come nighttime, this city doesn’t sleep; it’s great for nightlife and is bursting with memories waiting to be made.

All factors considered, you’re probably going to need a job so you can go out and have fun with your new friends. (Shock, the recruitment writer wants you to find a job). In all seriousness, it can be a huge struggle to find a job that fits in with your university timetable. Kiwi Recruitment offer a friendly approach to find you a new job that will suit you personally. Kiwi are situated on Southgate in Chichester centre (So not too far for you freshers to stumble over to after a fun night out), where our recruitment agents are ready and waiting to help you find a job perfect for your personality and schedule.

You can find a registration form here or email us your CV.

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