Soft Skills to look out for in candidates

Soft Skills to look out for in candidates

Soft skills are non-technical skills that can have an impact on an employee’s performance in the workplace. Whether a candidate possesses certain soft skills can be the difference between whether you go forward with their application or not. You are likely to have picked up soft skills from your time in education and previous work experience. 

Without soft skills, candidates are not doing themselves any favours when it comes to the recruitment process. They could be the most talented of individuals within your field of work, but without having these skills to complement their technical abilities, it can have a negative effect on your company. 

Here at Kiwi Recruitment, we created a list of some important soft skills to look for when recruiting candidates. Identifying these top skills enables us to recruit the perfect candidate every time. 

An eye for detail 

First and foremost, individuals with a great eye for detail will always make sure that they have a thorough understanding of the task at hand. They will plan, structure and schedule to make sure they are keeping on track with the task. 

They will always keep an eye on the smallest of details which will ensure the project is completed with the highest accuracy. Having this type of skill in an individual helps avoid mistakes that could be costly for the company. 

A level head 

A calm head who can assess a situation from all angles and make the correct decision under pressure is critical. Having someone with this ability in the team reduces the chances of stress and anxiety amongst colleagues which would negatively affect the task at hand. 

This person also tends to have the ability to solve problems with ease. Having this ability can come from having industry experience. Because of this, their decision making can be quicker, which can be important for the company. 


Communicating isn’t just about how much you can talk; it is your ability to listen and take on board information too. Being able to communicate well in the workplace increases productivity and nullifies any needless problems that may arise. It stops any confusion and gives a clear strategy to how to complete the task in the given time frame.

A candidate with this skill will be brilliant at communicating in person, over the internet, and on the phone with all stakeholders within the company. They understand the importance of not only voicing their own thoughts but listening to the thoughts of others too. 


Someone with top leadership skills has great people skills and a persona that is infectious to others in the workforce. These skills enable this particular candidate to get the best out of the rest of the team. 

Candidates with this skill will also continuously have the best interests of the company at the forefront of their minds and will not be afraid to make tough decisions and delegate roles. They are a person who easily motivates others around them and who isn’t scared of taking responsibility. They step up when the going gets tough. 

A positive attitude 

This is a key skill that you will want your employees to possess. You want all your employees to be people who are easy to get on with, and who are eager to knuckle down and work. Keeping positive is important, especially in a fast-paced working environment which can sometimes be stressful. 

This positive attitude from an employee can then rub off onto others in the workplace. By hiring candidates with this soft skill, you are going to be ensuring a pleasant work environment. This is ultimately more likely to deliver results for your company. 

Team player 

Working effectively with the people around you is vital. Even if you don’t see eye to eye you have to put that to one side and maintain a professional attitude to ensure that the company will not be negatively affected by the disagreement. 

Being able to accept and apply feedback is a key component of being a true team player and by doing this creates a good atmosphere within the team. 

Just like technical skills can be learnt, soft skills can be learnt too. However, this can be a time-consuming process and therefore isn’t beneficial to your company. By looking for candidates that already possess the soft skills that you need, you can ensure that the recruitment process is going to be successful.  

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