Why Do Businesses Use Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are regaining popularity amongst employers. Once a taboo subject for many businesses, the rising interest in using agencies poses the question: Why use a recruitment agency?

Access to the Benefits of a Recruiter’s Knowledge

By using a recruitment agency, you open your business up to knowledge you’d only hold by working in the recruitment industry. For example, you are more likely to be able to recruit the best workers out there. This is because a recruitment agent will know how to help your job advert gain attention, as well as how to attract the right kind of candidate for your company.

Save On Precious Time

By going through an agency, you are freeing yourself from the time-consuming process of going through candidates and sorting the appropriate from the unsuitable. Additionally, you will likely fill positions more quickly, ensuring a quicker staff turnaround.

Reduce Your Stress

It can be incredibly stressful to find staff on short notice. Busy periods such as Christmas, as well as covering sickness etc, can cause a lot of grief for companies needing staff quickly. Recruitment agencies can take on this burden for you, releasing you of your stress and allowing you to concentrate on other things.

Help With Deciding On Salaries

If you’re unsure of a salary for a position you have going, a recruitment agency can use its expert knowledge to help. You have expert knowledge on the industry you are in, but the recruiters have expert knowledge on recruiting; you can leave the difficult aspects of hiring up to them.

Avoid Unwanted Publicity

Another potential reason for a company going through recruitment agencies to find new staff could be that they don’t want to attract attention. High profile companies may cause a stir when advertising certain roles, by avoiding public job adverts, a company can save themselves a lot of hassle.

Retain Recruits

A lot of recruitment agencies offer to find a new candidate if a worker is terminated or leaves the job earlier than planned. This gives companies assurance that should a worker not be as perfect for the role as perceived and leaves work, the business will not be under-staffed for long. Recruitment agencies are often very quick at filling job roles, especially if they need to replace a staff member that they sourced. Agencies have a reputation to uphold, meaning they always strive to find you appropriate staff as quickly as they can.

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EleanorWhy Do Businesses Use Recruitment Agencies?

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