Why using multiple recruitment agencies is bad for your business

Why using multiple recruitment agencies is bad for your business

There are many employers out there that think it will benefit their business and they will get better results if they brief more than one recruitment agency for the same vacancy. We cannot say we blame them. After all, the recruiters will be 100% committed due to the competition and more people working on it means a wider talent pool, all resulting in successfully filling the placement, right?

However, this is simply not the case. In fact, there are many reasons why using more than one recruitment agency can negatively impact your business.

We know what you are thinking. Of course, we would say that, but if you read on, you will see why using multiple recruitment agencies is bad for your business.

You will not be receiving the best candidates

Recruitment is a competitive industry and recruiters are therefore competitive people by nature.

Recruiters spend a lot of time and effort building long term relationships with exclusive clients and will strive to deliver them the best. In order to maintain these relationships by securing more ongoing, exclusive vacancies.

If they do uncover that extra special candidate during a search for your vacancy but they also happen to be suitable for a vacancy with an exclusive client, the recruiter is going to be more inclined to put them forward for the exclusive vacancy instead. Alternatively, while a candidate uncovered during an exclusive brief will always be held for that brief by a recruiter whereas for non-exclusive briefs the candidate might be shopped around to several businesses, making bidding wars and delays an inevitability.

Either way, you are likely to be losing out on the candidates that are like gold dust. Additionally, you might find yourself paying more than you intended for a candidate that, while suitable, isn’t the absolute best.

Speed over quality

As stated before, recruiters are competitive people. When an employer briefs multiple agencies on the same vacancy, the recruiters will want to be the one that fills the vacancy first to secure the recruitment fee.

Again, on the surface, this probably does not seem like a bad thing but what can actually happen is that the recruiter’s focus from sourcing you some good quality candidates instead of having to rush the job. Many will aim to get a candidate’s CV registered first to try and seal the deal.

This can result in you being presented with candidates that, while they may fit the brief, lack that something special that recruiters will usually look for. It can also result in you having more CVs to review therefore undermining one of the many reasons and benefits of using a recruitment agency, which is to save you time screening candidates.

It can negatively impact your business’ reputation

Working with multiple recruitment agencies on the same vacancy means there is a good chance available candidates are going to hear about this same vacancy. It could be that they see the same vacancy advertised multiple times by different agencies, or they could even find themselves being physically contacted by all these different recruiters trying to source them for the same vacancy.

Not only will this cause the candidates to become confused, but it can make your business appear disorganised, unprofessional and worst of all, desperate. Both of these outcomes have the potential to put candidates off your vacancy completely.

The current job market is very candidate-driven. The best candidates out there will in no doubt be very much sought after by many employers, putting the ball in their court, and giving them a lot of bargaining power. By using multiple recruitment agencies to source your candidates, you run the risk of harming how these top candidates view your business and miss out on them completely.

You will be spending more time and money on the process

When using more than one recruitment agency for a vacancy, there is going to be a lot of double handling involved. You will find yourself spending more time on the process, repeating the same steps over and over again with your different recruiters. The last thing you need is to be spending more time on the recruitment process when using a recruitment agency is supposed to save you time.

Not only can it cost more time, but it can also cost more money, too. Recruiters reward loyalty with loyalty. Some recruiters will offer a small discount on their fees if an employer offers them exclusivity on their vacancy. If a recruiter is working with an employer that has approached multiple agencies for the vacancy, they are unlikely to offer any sort of discount and you’ll find yourself paying the full fee for the vacancy. Given working with multiple agencies can affect the quality of candidates you will receive, you’re unlikely to be getting the best value for money with this approach, too.

Kiwi Recruitment can help your business thrive

Here at Kiwi Recruitment, we are confident that we are the best choice of recruitment agency to help fill your vacancy. By working with us you will never need or want to work with another recruitment agency again.

Our team of pro-active and dedicated resourcers make use of all the assets available to them to seek out and bring forward the best talent in the area to your vacancy. This not only gives you a higher chance of filling your vacancy quicker but also increases the chance of getting the right candidate the first time around.

Our team of recruiters are also absolute experts in their field. Their experience and up-to-date knowledge of market trends make them the best placed to advise you on how to get the best candidates for your vacancy, such as providing salary insights and creating tailored job advertisements.

You can use the Kiwi Recruitment website to submit a job vacancy. Or if you would like to contact a member of the team directly, give us a call on 01243 782763 or email [email protected].

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