Attracting top candidates

Attracting top candidates

A candidate driven market creates a different dynamic between candidates and employers. Employers will need to sell themselves as a brand to stand out in the market to attract the best candidates. Not sure how to do this? We have got you covered! Here are Kiwi Recruitments’ top 5 tips on how to attract top candidates for your vacancies.

1.   Offer a competitive salary

Salary will always be on the priority list for candidates. Employers need to make sure they are offering competitive rates of pay in order to attract top talent.


To be sure you are offering a reasonable salary, it’s important to do some research. Look at what your competitors are offering for similar positions. Factor in the location of your business too as salaries vary across the country and even within regions due to differences in cost of living.


Alternatively, you can save yourself the time and hire a recruitment agency like Kiwi Recruitment. We already have access of a wealth of information to be able to help you determine a competitive salary for your job vacancies. However, do not just rely on a competitive salary to attract the best candidates! In a candidate driven market there will be other factors candidates will look at when choosing a job.


2.   Company Benefits

In a candidate driven market, candidates will look more closely at a company’s benefit package when considering a job. Employers will need to promote their company benefits in their job adverts to attract candidates. It may also be worth considering adding new perks if it is possible to do so.


Some examples of workplace benefits you could offer are extra holiday entitlement, medical plans and other insurance plans, and gym memberships. These can cost a considerable sum but will be hugely beneficial in attracting talented candidates.


If you do not have that kind of budget right now, there are company perks you can adopt that are in-expensive or even free of charge. For example, you could offer flexible working hours and work from home options.


Company benefits show candidates that a business cares about them beyond their job, which is something all employers should be shouting about when advertising vacancies!


3.   Invest in career progression

The best candidates will always be interested in what development opportunities are available for the jobs they are applying for, but more so in a candidate driven market. Candidates are more likely to invest their talents in companies that are showing they are willing to invest in them in return.


Offering training and additional courses for employees and advertising this to candidates will help to attract top talent as it shows room for progression within the company.

4.   Research your online reviews

Be aware of what candidates can read about your company online. Candidates are likely to use review sites such as Glassdoor and Trust Pilot to get an independent view of your company. What they read online can have a large influence.


It’s important to remember that you can’t please everybody! There will always be a potential for negative reviews. Do not just ignore bad reviews, try to address them before any candidates can see them. Politely responding to negative reviews can help you to recoup your company’s reputation. As a bonus it also shows potential candidates you are accepting and adapting to feedback, something they will be happy to see!

5.   Have an efficient recruitment process

It is absolutely fine to have a thorough recruitment and interview process as this will help you find the most suitable candidate for your company. However, it’s important to make sure that the process isn’t unnecessarily long as it may scare candidates away, or they may end up accepting a job offer at another company that has a quicker and more efficient recruitment process.


Try to avoid changing the schedule as best as you can. While mitigating circumstances do occur where interviews may have to be changed, changing dates and times for a candidate’s interview too often may give them concerns about communication and organisation within the company and cause them to withdraw their application.


If any issues in the recruitment process do arise that affect the candidate, such as a change in schedule, be sure to let them know as soon as possible. It’s also important to respond to any candidate queries promptly too.


Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile with your candidates. Even small things like checking in with them throughout the recruitment process will make them feel looked after and will reflect well on your business.


Here at Kiwi Recruitment, we can take care of the recruitment process for you. We screen job applications on behalf of our clients, freeing them from the time-consuming process of filtering through all the unsuitable applications to find ones with potential. We also communicate between clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process, ensuring everything moves quickly but efficiently to fill your vacancy with the best candidate possible.


If your business is struggling to fill vacancies, Kiwi Recruitment can offer expert advice to help your business grow. Our staff are highly trained in how to optimise job descriptions, helping you decide on a competitive salary, and can supply you with the best candidates in the labour market!


You can use the Kiwi Recruitment website to submit a job vacancy. Or if you would like to contact a member of the team directly, give us a call on 01243 782763 or email [email protected].

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