How To Smarten Your Social Media For Employers

How To Smarten Your Social Media For Employers

These days, nearly everyone has some form of social media, whether that’s in the form of a Facebook page or a Twitter account.

It has been reported that 93% of hiring managers will do a social media background check before making a decision whether to hire you. 55% of recruiters have reconsidered after reading something that a candidate has posted. At Kiwi, we understand how vital it is to keep your online presence professional.  Here are our top tips on how to smarten your social media.

How To Smarten Your Social Media

Watch What You Post

This is rule number one. Before you start applying for positions, do a quick social media detox which involves deleting (or hiding) status’ that involve bad language or where you are complaining about other people. Any discriminatory language that involves racism or sexism should definitely be deleted, too—as this will be a definite no-go for a prospective employer.

Revisit Your Photo Albums

When you smarten your social media, make sure you look at your public photos and what they represent. There is now a new feature on Facebook where you can choose up to five photos that you like and they can be presented at the top of your page, which could be a good idea if you want to include some of your more professional images. Think about how you would like to be seen and maybe de-tag yourself from any drunken antics!

Clean Up Your Apps and Hobbies

Writing down “drinking” as a hobby might be true in some cases, but isn’t exactly what you need an employer to know…unless you’re applying for a job at a brewery. Instead of writing drinking, maybe phrase it as “socialising.” Plus, remember to include all your interests that you have written on your CV so they match up.

When it comes to cleaning up your apps, do you really want a recruiter to see that you’re addicted to Candy Crush? Maybe not…

Get On LinkedIn

One way you can steer your prospective employer to your social media is by providing them a link to your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is a website that is for professionals and offers a layout where you can show off your skills, experience, hobbies and include an image of yourself so recruiters can see an image behind a name.

Providing a link to this page means that your recruiter is less likely to go searching for more details about you, such as looking for your Facebook page.

Set Your Account To Private

If the thought of recruiters looking at your social media and judging your character isn’t a great one (and who could blame you!) you can always set your account to private. This way, Facebook status’ and photo albums can be set to private, although you can tinker around with your settings in case there is anything you would like an employer to see.

You can do something similar on Twitter, where you set your account to private and people have to ask for permission to follow your tweets.

If you need help with a job search or maybe some tips on how to smarten your social media, don’t be afraid to get in touch with Kiwi Recruitment Agency or leave a comment on our Facebook page. A friendly member of our team will be sure to help you with whatever the problem, so get in touch and start your job search today!

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